Valérie Kolakis
Living in a Material World
The Opposite of What We Know to be True
Home Depot
Rien ne sert de rien, cependant tout arrive
Small Flowers Crack Concrete
Missing Column / Fading Tree
Lost in the Supermarket
Fame Monster
Almost Familiar Place (2010)
Fast. Pause.
Untitled (Column)
Almost Familiar Place (2008)
Sometimes things are not
__as they appear

Something is happening
__that is not happening

Something is missing
Almost Familiar Place (2006)
Identifying Marks
The Bubble Room (Residue)
Pretty and Pink
Between (T)here
Lick and Stick
Hairy Room
Partial Hand Print
Loose Ends
La Triennale québecoise 2011 – Le Travail qui nous attend
Musée DʼArt Contemporain De Montréal, Québec, Canada.
Untitled (Vitrine), 2011. Ink Jet Print. 90 x 120 cm.
Exhibition View.
Untitled (Cargo Blankets and Packing Tape), 2011 Cargo Blankets and Packing Tape. Dimensions Vary.
Untitled (Bent Glass), 2011. Bent , Ultra Clear Architectural Glass. 104 x 162.56 cm.
Untitled (Concrete), 2011. Ducal Concrete. 2 x 2 x 8 feet. 3/4 thickness.
DETAIL. Untitled (Tape), 2011. Masking Tape, Joint Tape, Newspaper, House Paint and Plaster. Dimension Vary.
Untitled (Newspaper Strip), 2011. Strip of Newspaper 'Ta Nea', 1979. Athens, Greece. Scotch Tape. Dimensions Vary.